The value of rotor blade end of warranty inspections

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With the purchase of a wind turbine, the owner/operator typically receives a warranty valid for a 2 to 5 year period. Nearing the end of this initial warranty period, it is critical that the owner/operator perform an End of Warranty (EOW) inspection on their rotor blades before deciding on how the turbines are to be serviced and maintained for the remainder of their design life. It is also common that the EOW inspection is called for in term loan agreements. This inspection is important even if the owner/operator plans to continue with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service team. 

This article, written by Chris Wraith, discusses the importance of having Rotor Blade Inspections done prior to the end of the warranty.

What kills birds? Human causes of bird fatalities.

Curry & Kerlinger has compiled the following information from environmental organizations and government agencies. This list is meant to inform the public and to put wind turbine fatalities in perspective.

Glass Windows Bird Deaths a year: 100 to 900+ million. Dr. Daniel Klem of Muhlenberg College has done studies over a period of 20 years, looking at bird collisions with windows. His conclusion: glass kills more birds than any other human related factor. 

House Cats  Bird Deaths a year: 100 Million. The National Audubon Society says 100 million birds a year fall prey to cats. Dr. Stan Temple of the University of Wisconsin estimates that in Wisconsin alone, about 7 million birds a year are killed by cats.

Automobiles / Trucks Bird Deaths a year: 50 to 100 Million. Scientists estimate the number of birds killed by cars and trucks on the nation's highways to be 50 to 100 million a year. Those statistics were cited in reports published by the National Institute for Urban Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Electric Transmission Line Collisions Bird Deaths a year: up to 174 million. Estimates made by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service demonstrate millions of birds die each year as a result of colliding with transmission lines.

Agriculture Bird Deaths a year: 67 million. Pesticides likely poison an estimated 67 million birds per year according to the Smithsonian Institution. Cutting hay may kill up to a million more birds a year.

Land Development  Bird Deaths a year: unknown. Suburban sprawl is a silent but deadly killer. The National Audubon Society says loss of bird habitat is the greatest threat to bird populations.

Communication TowersBird Deaths a year: 4 to 10 million. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that bird collisions with tall, lighted communications towers, and their guy wires result in 4 to 10 million bird deaths a year. 

Stock Tank DrowningBird Deaths a year: unknown. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists and other conservationists believe that large numbers of birds inadvertently drown in livestock water tanks.

Oil and Gas Extraction Bird Deaths a year: 1 to 2 million. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reports that up to 2 million birds died landing in oil pits to bathe and drink in 1997. Fish and Wildlife says netting has improved that situation somewhat. There are no overall estimates for the number of birds affected by oil and gas spills, and oil and gas extractions (and transport.)

Logging and Strip Mining Bird Deaths a year: unknown. Logging and strip mining destroy bird habitat. According to the National Audubon Society, habitat destruction is the leading cause of bird population declines. 

Commercial Fishing Bird Deaths a year: unknown. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Ornithological Council report that 40 thousand seabirds per year are killed in the Gulf of Alaska by longline fishing operations. These same sources say long lining and gill netting kill large numbers of birds in other parts of the country as well.

ElectrocutionsRaptor Deaths a year: more than 1,000. Experts estimate that more than one thousand hawks, eagles, falcons and owls are electrocuted on transmission lines and poles each year.

HuntingBird Deaths a year: 100 + million. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, more than 100 million ducks, geese, swans, doves, shorebirds, rails, cranes, among others are harvested legally each year.

Did you know...

It would take 210 million barrels of oil (almost 9 billion gallons) to generate as much electricity as U.S. wind turbines will generate this year.

It would take a coal train 6,000 miles long (enough to cross the U.S. twice) to produce as much electricity as U.S. wind turbines will generate this year

A single wind turbine supplies enough electricity to power nearly 500 American homes

 Source: American Wind Energy Association


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